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05 Jul 2016

The ground clip may admit uneven support. Therefore we can say that a clip vinyl floor is compatible with any type of support. You can ask your PVC blades clipped both on a tile like here or on an old PVC floor, or directly on concrete.

The possibilities are almost endless.

It is however not advisable to ask PVC strips clipped on a floor type laminate floor or textile coatings such as carpet or carpet tiles. This kind of coatings should be removed beforehand with your muscular arms.

Moreover, patching is, in most cases, AVOIDABLE!

It must still monitor the contours of your soil.

If bumps or depressions are too numerous and can be visible, they can affect the durability of your PVC blades clipped especially at the joints.

The laying of a slab or PVC clip blade is made without glue, the original soil will be preserved for future renovation.

Example your old tile is just kind covered by the new PVC floor clip. This is a more than preferred alternative for its simplicity and speed of installation.

In fact, medium thickness, PVC floor clip is finer example a laminate floor, it prevents you making too many cuts. Including planing down your door.

It'll just get started and if you prefer a turnkey solution epc may of course come and ask your soil.

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125 avenue des Etats-Unis31200 TOULOUSE


06 19 93 28 66