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24 Jun 2016

The drill or screwdriver / drill unscrewing must be part of the basic tools of any good handyman

Choosing your drill or unscrewing model may vary according to your needs:

  • A flat. to renovate ?
  • A house to renovate?
  • A bathroom to renovate?


The drill pattern with thread is most frequently used for routine work.

The cordless drill is often very handy require any extension. It is therefore ideal for high places or difficult to access.

However: the battery can discharge fast enough according to price range, then please always remove the battery from it after use so that it does not empty itself. Especially never store your drill during a period along with an empty battery otherwise it's certain death for it.

Today, most cordless drills also serve drills-WRENCH. It is very useful for repeated screwing (Swedish furniture assembly, or shelves etc.).

Price approximately € 150


This is the most universal model, it will pierce metal and wood. While in percussion mode, it will free soft materials and hollow (such as brick or plaster blocks) but it will have the greatest difficulty in penetrating the concrete and stone, especially the models below 600W

Price 60 € for 850W.

The percussion mode can be switch on and off for most drills


It is the queen of concrete and stone!

It pierces effortlessly with its electro-typing system. If the hammer can help to drill a hole in the concrete, only a true "perfo" allows to tackle a series of holes. By chiseling mode, the spike may perform small demolition (removal of tiles, bricks etc.). Namely that there is also wireless around 600 € for the wireless 200 € HT with son

The drills and chisels are fitting + SDS or SDS Max (Click / Click!). The drill can be equipped with a conventional chuck your old forests;).


The tool is attached to a column and allows to make holes to the vertical in the workshop.

It is very useful in carpentry, when it is necessary to drill many holes in wood to build a piece of furniture, for example.

There are columns on which it is possible to adapt a drill.

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