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24 Jun 2016

Yes the renovation is not only made for your home, you can give a second life to your furniture, and here's your shopping list for paint.

Material: resin-based paint, acetone or white spirit, painter's tape

Tools: Brushes, fine grain sandpaper or a sanding calle, roller tab-like rabbit, sponge, cloth, paint tray.

Protection: gloves, goggles, mask. (Over there and it's better for you)


It is imperative before you paint a piece of furniture to make a diagnosis of the general state of it

If it is too damaged, worn out, drink good for the recycling center will be difficult and expensive in time spent properly recover.

If your nice furniture successfully passes this test remains only to pass his preparation.


With resin-based paints it is now easy to apply them.

Indeed, in most cases you will not have to apply to primary hooks, the resin is designed to stand directly on the support.

However, you need to prepare well your carrier depending on its characteristics.

If your furniture is waxed, you will have the dewaxed with a cabinet Wax Remover

If you paint on wood or laminate, you will simply degrease with the acetone or white spirit.

If your furniture is varnished, depending on the state you will need sanding with fine grit until a bleaching and then well dusted and washed with clean, well-wrung sponge it is useless too wet.


Depending on the brand chosen, you will make yourself preparing the paint mix two components nothing difficult it enough that you read the information on the box.

Although predicting the amount you need, the cost of this type of painting is high.

Different rolls for different rendering.

Flocked foam roller: it allows to deposit a thin layer of paint without much support. often require a second layer, but will maintain a beautiful lacquered effect.

Microfiber Roller: Used to deposit a thin layer but also with a dappled effect, but may require a single layer.

Quick tip: Use both rolls and testing the final rendering on an old board or the furniture back pars example to find the record that suits you.

Provide a good brush for corners.


  • Working on small element still go area element.
  • Do not overload your brush.
  • Have flexible gestures to say that painting with soft wrist and arm raidePour not with novices make cross passes.
  • Start with the corners and brush past the roll to have a good uniform dappled and have no visible brushstrokes.


Provide the protection equipment including:

  • A mask products including acetone can irritate your throat and make you dizzy.
  • Gloves: it is imperative to protect your precious hands paints or other products such as acetone or white spirit, and despite the gloves wash your hands after you complete your work
  • The bezel: If splashed on your face
  • Ventilate the room when finished and mostly avoided air stream to deposition of dust in the freshness of painting your meubleTravailler well with an upright posture to relieve your back.
  • Note: It is also possible renovation paint your kitchen cabinets or bathroom for a makeover cheaply.

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