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24 Jun 2016

To renovate puts painting, I choose to repaint my kitchen, my bathroom, my living room or my room and I have the choice between three different aspects of paintings. But which is best suited to my room?


It has the characteristic of much better reflect light. This is particularly suitable for damp and fragile surfaces. Indeed, this type of paint offers high impact resistance. Acrylic painting or Glycero is brilliant of course washable.

This aspect requires proper preparation of the wall or woodwork, or it will highlight imperfections and defects.


This painting offers a silky, bright and warm and sometimes giving a polished look

You will ensure always prepare for your support because this aspect highlights the imperfections. These paintings are still leachable


The matt finish absorbs light and give a cozy and intimate aspect. This aspect also erases the irregularities of the support because it does not diffuse reflections.

However, the matt paint mat type ceiling is somewhat resistant to frequent cleaning. For your walls we recommend a matte lacquer, it comes from a painting that will tend to dry as bright paint. You will keep the advantage of this washable gloss paint while remaining dull and so in the times to give a decorative touch to your walls.

* In painting the paint will tend to dry and remove the traces of hair from your brush, but watch the lacquer is a very liquid paint we recommend you not to overload or it will sink.

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