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The drill or screwdriver drill

24 Jun 2016

The drill or screwdriver / drill unscrewing must be part of the basic tools of any good handyman

Choosing your drill or unscrewing model may vary according to your needs:

How to paint a piece of furniture using resin-based paint?

24 Jun 2016

Yes the renovation is not only made for your home, you can give a second life to your furniture, and here's your shopping list for paint.

Material: resin-based paint, acetone or white spirit, painter's tape

Tools: Brushes, fine grain sandpaper or a sanding calle, roller tab-like rabbit, sponge, cloth, paint tray.

Choosing paint appearance

24 Jun 2016

To renovate puts painting, I choose to repaint my kitchen, my bathroom, my living room or my room and I have the choice between three different aspects of paintings. But which is best suited to my room?

How to illuminate the bathroom?

24 Jun 2016

After renovating your bathroom light quality is critical, especially when not lucky enough to have a window.

EPC enlightens you to choose them.

It is important to "admire" correctly in your bathroom, lighting should be well groomed and tailored to your needs. A number of options available to you.

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