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26 Jul 2016

Your tools and materials

  • deviseuse cordless
  • jigsaw
  • A hole saw 68mm
  • A stool
  • A spirit level
  • A pistol for glue cartridge
  • A cartridge very powerful glue
  • A TV bench (model of your choice, Ikea for example)
  • A fixed TV mount
  • A pair of magnets
  • Three carpenter brackets
  • Three carpenter dishes
  • Two small towers CD or a large cut
  • Several medium boards to cut your DIY store
  • A fir batten 22mm
  • wood screws

Here we have everything we need: First thing, finding the right wall to the cabinet and preferably concrete. Fix level carpenter brackets to the wall and attach the dishes with adhesive tape for extending (see Photo 1). Position the TV bench keeping about 5/6 cm of space between the wall and the bench. Using screws and your screwdriver, attach the bench to the brackets by drilling through the tape, beware-check your level. Then glue the three medium boards on the edges and on top of the bench (see map 1).

Then there make two holes in the hole saw (level 2) and finish the jigsaw (in red on the map 2) to let the cables. Paste the bracket on top of the bench and the back of the front plate (see map 2). Attach to the wall in the first turn CD (right or left, your choice but the other will be removable for access to the TV cables). Then glue the front plate on the bracket and on the left or right turn. Let dry ... .. When it is dry, if the furniture moves a little it's normal there is a little play. Remember that modern TV are very light (except plasma displays but little rependus). You have to make a hole in the hole saw this façade board where the cables come out of your TV.

In the lower part below the TV bench, attach two small pieces of medium in alignment towers CD and another piece in the lower part (see map 3). Then attach the magnet and snap the facade board which will hide ugly cables. Here is ! Remains to paint the parts in medium color of your choice either resin or paint. Attach the TV bracket your furniture, TV, plug in, look and especially enjoy!   You can share your achievements following this tutorial on our Facebook

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125 avenue des Etats-Unis31200 TOULOUSE


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