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24 Jun 2016

After renovating your bathroom light quality is critical, especially when not lucky enough to have a window.

EPC enlightens you to choose them.

It is important to "admire" correctly in your bathroom, lighting should be well groomed and tailored to your needs. A number of options available to you.


Available in single or double, they are often fixed on the sides or above and then in the middle of your mirror. They provide optimum brightness, which depending on the light used can be closer to natural light, whether for makeup, for you ladies or gentlemen shave for you, what good to be visually comfortable.

The light mirror:

The illuminated mirror can be very handy when it contains more storage space as our example. It is increasingly fashionable, particularly suitable for small bathrooms.

The ceiling:

After thoroughly renovate your ceiling why not offer him a nice all new ceiling that will broadcast a soft light for your skin.

Recessed ceiling lights (or not):

For your ceiling it will be perfect for a modern and efficient lighting, LED spotlights bring brightness to specific locations that you must carefully select, as the shower or bath.

LED tape:

Very modern, the LED ribbon will give character to your bathroom and will complement of lighting and only supplement. You can install it at the ceiling if you planned recesses or ledges to a very high tech ambience, or on and under your bathroom furniture to a contemporary style.

The suspension, gloss type:

Nothing prevents you prefer a suspension, a chandelier for your bathroom, allowing you to bring a decorative touch a bit baroque to your room. Be aware though that they are resistant to moisture from your bathroom.

And to top level by choosing a lighting with dimmer switch for power and gradually turn off the light for romantic evenings for example!

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