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31200 Toulouse

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A cage of stairs not like the others (Before and After)

Here the goal was to redecorate a stairwell in a building former Toulouse. So we started by creating false ceilings BA13 order to incorporate recessed lighting with motion detector and also hide the maximum service ducts in the ceiling but also in the corners of the walls.

On the walls after removing the old wallpaper we have completely bundles then painted.

We then ripped the old PVC coating of the stairs and we scoured and scraped to finally finish with a polished appearance sealer special intensive traffic.

The front door was also painted front / back and we have also changed the full glazing of the front door and replace old windows on intermediate access door mirrors.

We have created a trap door with a metal plate to the cellar and strengthened the structure from underneath.

Finally in the ground floor corridor we asked an imitation parquet floor.

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125 avenue des Etats-Unis31200 TOULOUSE


06 19 93 28 66